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Aloha Beautiful,

I am on Summer Vacation until 18th July, 2022.

Do you want to be in touch for the time being? Be part of a Growing and Thriving Community? 

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Lisa Melina

Heavenly Love and Bless up 



Choose your a bespoke mentorship:

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come out

of your shell

embrace your

Divine Purpose

align with your

Higher Self

manifest your

Dream Business

attract your tribe

and Community

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The Cosmic Honey Pod-cast

  • Deep dive into your inner cosmos

  • Mystery School 

  • Breaking down science

  • Understanding and Applying Universal Laws in a practical and conscious manner

  • a place of divine remembrance of your higher essence and calling


Youtube Series

YouTube Limited Series 2022 IN GERMAN

  1. Deine Seelen-Essenz-Aktivierung

  2. Erhalte Guidance von deiner Seele

  3. Aktiviere das Göttliche Einheits-Bewusstsein in dir und Finde deinen Seelen-Tribe

  4. Aktiviere deine seelische Bestimmung und aktiviere deine DNA 


Meditation Albums

Elevate Daily Deluxe Theta Meditations 

Bespoke meditations that will boost your energy, strengthen your intuition and heighten your focus and awareness. Add more juicy consciousness into your daily practices and (rising) routines! 

  • Examples of included Meditations are:

  • Grand Rising

  • The Gratitude Process

  • Food Blessings

  • And many more!

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